Weekly Events

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different hobby. We try our best to keep things varied and fun for our customers. This schedule doesn't include special events. We highly recommend you follow our Facebook Page for up-to-date information on all of our events.

A normal week at FTW looks something like this:
  • Monday - Smash Bros Game Night
  • Tuesday - Board Game Night 
  • Thursday - Dungeons & Dragons
  • Friday - Friday Night Magic (Magic the Gathering)
  • Saturday - Standard Showdown (Magic the Gathering)

If you don't see an event or hobby listed on this schedule that you would like to do, please contact us and let us know! We are always open to new and exciting things.

Store Hours​​
Monday: 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm - 8pm
Friday: 4pm - 8pm
Saturday: 4pm - 8pm
Sunday: Closed